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About PT1on1

Hi, Alan here. I've been a personal trainer for more than 15 years, helping clients achieve their personal fitness goals. I specialise in helping clients who are struggling with weight, feeling unhealthy, unmotivated. 

You may like to run a 10k or half marathon. Hike a mountain. Do a triathlon for the first time but don't know where to start. 

Step by step I will show you how you can get back to feeling fit, healthy & motivated to push yourself again to achieve that goal!

With my Online Personal Training packages, you get access to a personal trainer-designed workout plan as well as nutrition guidance with the flexibility of working out in your own home, the gym or even in the park whenever you choose. Weekly check ins & accountability sessions to make sure you are staying on track. All support is done in app for easy convenience.

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I started training with Alan over 10yrs ago, and after a few years abroad, returned to Virgin Active Cape Town to find Alan was once again a Personal Trainer there. I find Alan to be kind, patient and a good listener. He has created the perfect training programme for me and pushes me to achieve my goals. I certainly feel a lot fitter than I have in years and thank Alan and his dedication to my well-being, for that. I would recommend Alan to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer.


I initially started training with Alan when I booked a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2012.  I needed some help with my strength and stamina for the climb because my fitness was already at a good level. Not only was he dedicated and committed to my successful summit but also made my workouts fun, varied and challenging. In all honesty I accredit my successful summit to the excellent training programme that he designed for me. I must add that he is not a push over and certainly doesn’t allow me to slack off, he knows my limitations and works on my problem areas but is understanding when I’m having a bad day.